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Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Companion Animal Oncology Treatment Program

Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Inc. is a development-stage biotechnology company focused on advancing and commercializing our proprietary immunostimulatory nanoparticle technology.


Our lead canine in situ vaccine candidate, MIE-201, was carefully selected through preclinical testing. Data from numerous mouse tumor models and in companion dogs with naturally occurring tumors show the ability of intratumoral (“IT”) administration of MIE-201 to result in anti-tumor effects in treated tumors and systemically at other sites of disease through immune activation. MIE-201 is based on a plant virus that is not infectious, but is recognized as foreign by the immune system.


Mosaic is finalizing plans to evaluate MIE-201 in additional canine oncology studies and is currently assessing potential strategic partners to assist in the advancement of the program.


The science supporting MIE-201 was the result of over twenty million dollars in research funding and has been widely published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.

Our Founders and Veterinary Management Teams

Mosaic Founders

Mosaic's founding members comprise a group with extensive scientific, business development and financial skills to move the company and its technology forward.

Veterinary Management


Our team consists of leaders in their respective fields who share a passion for animal health.

Our Team
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