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Reaching a Deal

Research, Collaborations and Partnerships

The development of our technology has been supported through numerous federal research grants, including funding from The  National Institutes of Health, The National Science Foundation, and Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs as well as private foundations, such as the American Cancer Society, The Susan G. Komen Foundation and The American Heart Association. Funds provided by these organizations supporting the development of MIE-201 have totaled over $20 million to date. The research funding is ongoing and continues to advance our technology toward clinical development. 


Based on consistently promising preclinical data and canine oncology treatment studies, we plan to advance our lead veterinary immunotherapy candidate, MIE-201, into larger field studies to evaluate its efficacy and safety as a potential treatment for a variety of cancers in dogs. 

Academic Collaborations

Mosaic's proprietary technology was developed through research studies at leading academic institutions. We continue to work with our university collaborators to expand  the potential scope and applications of our unique oncology treatment platform.

Strategic Partnerships

In addition to research grants providing funds to advance our company's technology, Mosaic is currently seeking strategic partners interested in furthering our animal health program. Strategic corporate inquiries can be sent to

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