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Veterinary Oncology Publications

Valdivia G, Alonso-Miguel D, Perez-Alenza MD, Zimmermann ABE, Schaafsma E, Kolling FW 4th, Barreno L, Alonso-Diez A, Beiss V, Affonso de Oliveira JF, Suárez-Redondo M, Fiering S, Steinmetz NF, Vom Berg J, Peña L, Arias-Pulido H (2023) Neoadjuvant Intratumoral Immunotherapy with Cowpea Mosaic Virus Induces Local and Systemic Antitumor Efficacy in Canine Mammary Cancer Patients. Cells 2023 Sep 8;12(18):2241.

Daniel Alonso-Miguel, Guillermo Valdivia, Diego Guerrera, Maria Dolores Perez-Alenza, Stanislav Pantelyushin, Angela Alonso-Diez, Veronique Beiss, Steven Fiering, Nicole F. Steinmetz, Maria Suarez-Redondo, Johannes Vom Berg, Laura Peña, Hugo Arias-Pulido (2022) Neoadjuvant in situ vaccination with cowpea mosaic virus as a novel therapy against canine inflammatory mammary cancer. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer 2022;10:e004044. doi:10.1136/jitc-2021-004044.


Hoopes P.J., Wagner R.J.,Duval K., Kang K., Gladstone D.J., Moodie K.L., Crary-Burney M., Ariaspulido H., Veliz F.A., Steinmetz N.F., Fiering S.N. (2018) Treatment of canine oral melanoma with nanotechnology-based immunotherapy and radiation. Mol Pharm., 15, 3717-3722. PMID: 29613803, PMCID: PMC6296751.

Hoopes P.J., Fiering S.N. et al (2017) Hypo-fractionated Radiation, Magnetic Nanoparticle Hyperthermia and a Viral Immunotherapy Treatment of Spontaneous Canine Cancer. Proc SPIE Int Soc Opt Eng. 2017 ; 10066



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Lee K.L., Steimetz N.F. et al (2017) Combination of Plant Virus Nanoparticle-Based in Situ Vaccination with Chemotherapy Potentiates Antitumor Response. Nano Lett. 2017 Jul 12; 17(7): 4019–4028.

Ravi Patel, Anna E. Czapar, Steven Fiering, Nancy L. Oleinick, and Nicole F. Steinmetz (2018) Radiation Therapy Combined with Cowpea Mosaic Virus Nanoparticle in Situ Vaccination Initiates Immune-Mediated Tumor Regression. ACS Omega 2018, 3, 3702-3707.

Wang C., Fiering S., Steinmetz N.F. (2019) Cowpea Mosaic Virus Promotes Anti-Tumor Activity and Immune Memory in a Mouse Ovarian Tumor Model. Advanced Therapeutics. 1900003.

Cai H., Wang C., Shukla S., Steinmetz N.F. (2019) Cowpea Mosaic Virus Immunotherapy Combined with Cyclophosphamide Reduces Breast Cancer Tumor Burden and Inhibits Lung Metastasis. Adv. Sci. 2019, 1802281. PMID: 31453050, PMCID: PMC6702650.

Wang C. and Steinmetz N.F. (2020) A Combination of Cowpea mosaic virus and Immune Checkpoint Therapy Synergistically Improves Therapeutic Efficacy in Three Tumor Models. Advanced Functional Materials, 04 May 2020.

Albakri M., Veliz F.A., Fiering S.N., Steinmetz N.F., Sieg S.F. (2020) Endosomal toll-like receptors play a key role in activation of primary human monocytes by cowpea mosaic virus. Immunology. 2020 Feb; 159(2): 183–192.

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Mao C., Beiss V., Fields J., Steinmetz N.F., Fiering S. (2021) Cowpea mosaic virus stimulates antitumor immunity through recognition by multiple MYD88-dependent toll-like receptors. Biomaterials​, 2021 May 25;275:120914.

Gautam, A., Beiss, V., Wang, C., Wang, L., Steinmetz, N.F. (2021) Plant Viral Nanoparticle Conjugated with Anti-PD-1 Peptide for Ovarian Cancer Immunotherapy. Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22, 9733. 

Veronique Beiss, Chenkai Mao, Steven N. Fiering, Nicole F. Steinmetz (2022) Cowpea Mosaic Virus Outperforms Other Members of the Secoviridae as In Situ Vaccine for Cancer Immunotherapy. Mol Pharm. 2022 Mar 25. doi: 10.1021/acs.molpharmaceut.2c00058. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35333531.



For additional information regarding the core technology behind MIE-201 including publications of preclinical studies  and the associated rationale for pursuing canine oncology studies, please visit the Mosaic ImmunoEngineering Publications page.

Preclinical Oncology Publications

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