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Dog Running

Experienced Veterinary Management Team
and Advisors

Ashish Ranjan, B.V.Sc., Ph.D​.

Head, Nanomedicine and Targeted Therapy Laboratory, Oklahoma State University​


Lisa Stepp, Ph.D.​

VP, Patient and Government ​Engagement​


Louise M. Henderson, Ph.D.​

Consultants for Veterinary Biologics, LLC​

Nicole F. Steinmetz, Ph.D.

Acting Chief Scientific Officer

P. Jack Hoopes, DVM, Ph.D.​

Professor and Director, Center for Comparative Medicine and Research, Animal Care and Use Program​

Shelley Fussey, Ph.D.​

VP, Intellectual Property​

Steven King

President, Chief Executive Officer

Steven N. Fiering, Ph.D.

Scientific Advisor, Immunology​

Sylvain Marcel, Ph.D.​

Consultant, Process Development​

Consultants for Veterinary

Biologics, LLC

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